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Every single one of our customers are always the inspiration to everything that we do. That was how it all started for us in 2005 and how it’s always going to be! With ‘casual with a twist’ always in mind, there’s one thing that we promise all of you with every piece of our clothing—it has to be something that any woman or man with every body type and personality would proudly wear on a daily basis or formal occasion.

That’s why we always love to see how all of you like to wear your favorite products!
Don’t forget to always be inspiring, be you!

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Aksen Tropis 
Jl Binagriya Raya Villa no 1.

We welcome you on our World City of Batik Pekalongan, to discover the extensive and unique collection


Batik Aksen Tropis selalu menampilkan koleksi yang cantik dan beda


Batik Tulisnya Halus dan Cantik namun harga nya sangat bersahabat. Tidak salah datang ke Pekalongan untuk belanja di Batik Aksen Tropis.

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