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Founded: 2005
Brand Certificate / Registration: IDM000308499
Company Registration(SIUP): 207/11.03/PK/VII/2013

We started our journey in 2005 when Murtadlo Makmur as co-founder of Aksen Tropis decided to quit the 9-5 jobs in a multinational insurance company based on Jakarta and begin this exciting adventure from the scratch.

Every customer is our focus and inspiration for what we do, thats how it start and will always be. With the design that follow current trend yet root from our great tradition we deliver the design that is not only modern and fashionable but also embeded with such a strong traditional identity.

In 2017 we launch our start-up initiative Online Batik Retailer,  Aksentropis.com to better served our beloved customer in the whole country and also abroad.

With production based mainly in Pekalongan known as World City of Batik, we can produce Batik with high quality from our talented designer and artist but still affordable for the customer in Indonesia and the world.

As one of our mission to preserve our cultural heritage, we are always proud and happy if you wear our batik.

Keep inspiring with  #youraksentropis :)

Foto: Inacraft Exhibition,
Co-Founder: Murtadlo Makmur With Madame Anna Avantie (Designer).

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We welcome you on our World City of Batik Pekalongan, to discover the extensive and unique collection


Batik Aksen Tropis always present beautiful collection and unique.


The batik is exquisite but affordable. You will never regret to come to Pekalongan and shop with Batik Aksen Tropis.

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